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November 5, 2010 in Ehl-e-bait

Bibi Sakina (asws) (also known as Bibi Ruqayya – asws) was the youngest daughter of Imam Hussain (asws). Sakina is a derivative of “Sakoon” meaning “Peace”.

Imam Hussain (asws) was often heard saying, “A house without Sakina (asws) would not be worth living in”.

When from the 2nd of Muharram the armies of Yazid bin Muaweyah(L.A) began to gather at Kerbala, Imam Hussain (asws) said to his sister Bibi Zainab (asws), “The time has come for you to get Sakina used to going to sleep without my being there”.

When Bibi Sakina (asws) saw Imam Hussain (asws) bringing the blood drenched Alam (Flag) she knew that her uncle Abbas (asws) had been martyred.

When bibi Sakina (asws) cried for her father, instead of comforting words, Shimr (L.A) slapped bibi Sakina(asws)’s face and pulled off earrings from her ears. Blood poured from bibi Sakina(asws)’s ears. Surely they would stop now. But they did not. One-by-one they set fire to the tents. All Sakina wanted was her dear father (Imam Hussain – asws).

On the night of Ashura (also known as Sham e Ghreeban), when Imam Hussain (asws) and his companions were lying headless in the battlefield, back in the tents, Bibi Zainab (asws) was gathering all the children and the ladies together. She noticed that bibi Sakina (asws) was missing.

She asked Bibi Rubab (asws), but even she did not know where Bibi Sakina (asws) was. The two masoomas ran out of the tents looking for her.

The two masoomas searched everywhere for bibi Sakina(asws). Finally, in desperation, Bibi Zainab (asws) went to the place where the body of her brother Imam Hussain (asws) lay and cried, “O my brother, Sakina, who you left in my care, is nowhere to be found.

Where shall I look for her in this wilderness?” Just then, the moon came out from behind a cloud and Bibi Zainab (asws) saw that bibi Sakina (asws) lay on her father, sleeping on his chest like she always used to.

She shook the child awake and said, Oh, Sakina! How did you recognize your father? A person can be recognized by their face or the clothes they wear. Your father has neither. Bibi Sakina (asws) replied innocently, I wanted to tell my father about what the people had done to me.

I wanted to tell him how Shimr (la) had robbed the earrings that my father had so lovingly given me. I wanted to tell him how he had ripped them from my ears leaving my earlobes torn and bleeding. I wanted to tell him how the beast had mercilessly slapped me when I cried in pain. When I was running aimlessly in the desert I thought I heard my father’s voice telling me he was here.

I followed the voice and I found him lying here. I told him everything and then I felt like sleeping on his chest the way I always did, for the last time. So I kept my head on his chest and slept till you came.

Hazrat Hur (as)’s widow took some food and water to the ladies and the children. As she neared to where they were resting, Bibi Zainab (asws) recognized her. She stood up, went towards Hur (a.s)’s widow and offered her condolences for the martyrdom of Hur (a.s).

This gesture on the part of Bibi Zainab (asws), who had suffered so much, lost so many, and carrying so much grief in her heart, is something that the world should never forget.

Hur bin Reyahi (a.s) was a general in Yazid’s army but left the Satanic camp and joined Imam Hussain (asws). Hur (a.s) had realised and accepted the holy status of the Prophet’s grandson.

Bibi Zainab (asws) took the jug of water. She went to Sakina (asws) who had fallen asleep. Gently she stroked bibi Sakina (asws)’s uncombed hair. Bibi Sakina (asws) opened her eyes. Bibi Zainab (asws) said, “Here is some water Sakina, please drink a little. You have been thirsty for so long. On hearing the word ‘water’ Sakina cried out aloud, has my uncle Abbas come back?

When she was told that Hur’s widow had brought the water, she got up, went to Hur’s widow, thanked her and then asked Bibi Zainab (asws), Have you all drank water? Bibi Zainab (asws) shook her head.

Bibi Sakina (asws) asked, why then do you ask me to drink water? Bibi Zainab (asws) said, because, my dear, you are the youngest”. Bibi Sakina (asws) replied, no, Asghar is the youngest. Bibi Sakina (asws) took the jug of water, ran towards where Asghar (asws) lay buried, crying O Asghar, O Asghar.

Ali Asghar (asws) was Bibi Sakina’s (asws) younger brother. The Yazidees (la) martyred the six-month-old masoom with an arrow when Imam Hussain (asws) requested them to give him some water as he was dying of thirst.

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