Adam khor in islamabad (افواہ یا حقیقت)

June 6, 2014 in General

اسلام آباد اور راولپنڈی میں آدم خوروں کی کافی افواہیں سنی جا رہی ہیں

Man held for cannibalism in Islamabad  by  (  The Nation )

adam khor

ISLAMABAD – An incident of alleged cannibalism has surfaced in Islamabad.
In this regard, Islamabad police have arrested a man accused of eating human flesh, an act of cannibalism. The man was held from Alipur village, a suburban area of Islamabad. The area falls under the jurisdiction of Shahzad Town Police Station. Police, however, did not confirm the incident, believably, in a bid to save the accused and his family from the wrath of the locals.
“Shahzad Town Police have arrested no accused for any act of cannibalism. However, I have been receiving calls from media persons who are eager to get information about the incident,” Muhammad Azkar, the duty officer at Shahzad Town Police Station, said. However, body language of the police officer revealed that he was hiding something. Even the officer was reluctant to make an eye-contact with this correspondent during the formal chat.
Interestingly, one of his junior police officials confirmed that police had arrested a man two days ago on suspicion of eating human flesh.
“Notables of Ali Pur Village handed over a man to police station on Tuesday accusing him of eating human flesh (an act of cannibalism). An FIR was registered in Shahzad Police Staion on Tuesday,” said the junior police official of Shahzad Town Police Station on condition of anonymity.
The accused, The Nation has learnt, was sent to jail on judicial remand, while the police have sent the sample of what they believe is human flesh, to laboratory for chemical examination.
One of the higher police officials of Islamabad capital territory police has also confirmed the incident saying the man has been sent to jail on judicial remand and police were trying hard to unfold the mystery.
“Yes, police have arrested a man accused of cannibalism from suburbern area of Islamabad. We are waiting for chemical examination report of what is believed to be the flesh. We can only proceed ahead if laboratory confirms it is a human flesh,” said the police officer on condition of anonymity.
In suburbs of Islamabad, news of a group of people eating human flesh has spread like the jungle fire. A wave of fear and anger has gripped the areas including taramry, Kirpa village and Ali Pur Farash following the news of arrest of a man accused of cannibalism.
If proved, it would not be for the first time that a case of cannibalism would surface in Pakistan. Before this, two real brothers made the headlines in local and international media after they were found eating human flesh.
Both were released last year after completing two-year jail term. Police rearrested them again this month on 14th April after they were found eating human flesh once again.
A custodian of shrine of ‘Bakht Hayat Wali’ was shot dead early Thursday morning. Police said old enmity was the real motive behind his murder.
According to police, Asad Aziz Pirzada, the custodian of Shrine of Bakht Hayat Wali situated in Kirpa village in the suburb of Islamabad, was shot dead by one of the residents of the same village early in the morning when the deceased stood up to offer Fajr prayer.
“The deceased has been receiving threats form the assailant for long time,” a spokesperson of ICT police told The Nation. The deceased was rushed to hospital, however, he succumbed to injuries on the way, said the police.
The police identified the assailant as Muhammad Waheed. Preliminary investigations revealed that the deceased, who was also serving as cleric at Deputy Commissioner Office Islamabad, had got engaged in serious scuffle with the assailant for some time back. The attacker fled from the scene after shooting the deceased.
The police have registered a case against the accused after receiving a complaint from Sanaullah, uncle’s deceased and started investigating the case.

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