December 25, 2010 in Ehl-e-bait


In Karbala, when no one from Imam Hussainasws ‘s family except His children were left, Hazrat Ali Akbarasws decided to head towards the battleground. Abulfarj asfahani and Mohammed bin abitalib have narrated that eighteen years of age, Hazrat Ali Akbarasws went towards the salient, Imam Hussainaswsasws pointed Hisasws index finger towards the sky and said “O Lordazwj , be  a witness to this nation, for going towards them to be martyred is the one who resembles your Prophetsaww in appearance, character and speech. Whenever we desired for the ‘ziarat’ of your Prophetsaww we used to see his face. O Allahazwj, take away the prosperity of the world from them; Disperse their tranquillity; Let their authorities be always displeased with them; for these wretched people invited us with a promise of triumph but are now prepared for our massacre.” (Bihar-ul-Anwar vol 1 Page 264) started to weep bitterly. He

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (asws) said, The owls used to take only developed structures as abodes but when Imam Hussain (asws) was killed, they refused to stay in developed structures and refused to take anything but wreckages as abodes. Verily the owls always fast during the day and they are grieved until nightfall. At night they chant in grief over Imam Hussain (asws). until morning. (Kamil Al-Ziyarat, Ch31, H4)

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