Imam Hussain (A.S) says:

November 5, 2010 in HADEES & Saying Of Masoomen a.s

“A house without Sakina (A.S) would not be worth living in”

Through the desert of Mesopotamia they marched on
Falling every few feet, due to sheer exhaustion
Ali Zain-ul Abideen(a.s) was mercilessly whipped
Even if he stumbled, even if he tripped.

Sakina(a.s) fell down from the camel’s bare-back
Zaynab(a.s) raised an alarm; she was taken aback
The soldiers were intoxicated, they paid no heed
Without any succor, she would perish indeed!

In desperation, Zaynab(a.s) turned towards the spear
“Hussain(a.s), fallen down is your daughter dear;
I am helpless, my feet and hands are bound.”
The spear, with Hussain’s(a.s) head, got planted down!

Khooli(l.a) jumped down, to uproot the spear
The stooges rushed forth, from far and near
The spear remained stuck as if cemented
The impact would be great, if soldiers got scent.

Shimr(l.a) approached Ali(a.s); his anger was boiling
The Imam looked at the head; tears were trickling
He turned his gaze, Zaynab(a.s) caught his weeping eye
“Sakina(a.s) has toppled over, the child may die!”

Shimr(l.a) picked up the unconscious exhausted child
Sakina(a.s) in Zaynab’s(a.s) arms, rushed the hostile
Khooli(l.a) could now lift the spear from the ground
The caravan proceeded quietly, onwards bound

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