Imam Hussainsws.’s Last Sermon To Umayyad Army in Karbala

November 5, 2010 in KARBALA

On the 10th of Moharram in 61 A.H., Imam Hussainsws2 admonished the army of Banu Umayyad in Karabala by giving an eloquent Sermon.

Holy Prophetsaww raised me up by feeding the Divine Prophecies. I am the son of Prophetsaww and my mother is ‘Batool’sws3. I have been created as infallible Imam. I have the privilege of being the son of Amir-ul-Momaneensws. I am the son of that who holds the key to the future events and sustenance of the whole universe. Hassan (Imamas) has brought me up to his customs. I am the Divine authority, recognise me prior to declaring war against me. Be aware! You will close all the doors of forgiveness by killing me. You are doing this for the attraction of your leader’s promised rewards, but if you ask me, I can bless you thousands’ time more than that. (I know) collecting filth is in your genes. You are unable to comprehend and (debate with doubts) that we regularly travel through the milky ways. (Be aware) Stars are nothing else but aftermath of footprints. North pole finds its direction from ussws. Oursws destination is in ‘Qabah Quosaan’4; and ‘Bait-ul-Mamoor’5 is our residence. ‘Bismilla6’ refers to our beginning and ‘Yakhamah7’ concludes with our (attributes). ‘Innamah8’ describes our Divinity and Purity, ‘Allif-lam9’ is on our introduction, ‘WalAsr10’ is about our glandular status, The Verse of ‘Feel11’ is the narration of our past, ‘Walfaj12’ has borrowed colours from us, ‘Filqurbah13’ is the means to seek nearness to us, the verse of ‘Dahr14’ is on our generosity, ‘MinYashra’ defines our rights, ‘Al-Taha’ is about our way of life, the Verse of ‘Muzimmil15’ is our outfit, the verse of ‘AlQadr16’ authenticate our (Divine) rights, it is in our jurisdiction to change the direction of ‘Qabateen’ 17 we attend to the needs of others in ‘Rukku18 of prayers. Our traditions became the principles of religion; we are the ‘Ibrahimy19’. However, those who could not gain guidance from 63 years of preaching will not be influenced by my words. You are blinded by the ‘worthless’ rewards and are inclined to disgrace Holy Prophet’s familysws-which would result in your eternal punishment.

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