Nadeem Sarwar Mp3 Nohy- 1983 Download

Nohy by Nadeem sarwar 1983 Free Download

Title Size Download
Aye Baradr e Zainab (S.A) 02 MB  
Alivda Alivda 03 MB  
Bali Sakeena (S.A) Ro Nahi 03 MB  
Matam e Hussain (A.S) 02 MB  
Mere Na Tawan Abid (A.S) 03 MB  
Rozay Pe Mustafa (PBUH) Ke 04 MB  
Shimmr Se Boli 04 MB  
Utho Sakeena (S.A) Chalo 03 MB  
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  1. faizank65 says:

    there is no hyperlink to download the noha…kindly let me know if there is a way to download…

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