Prophet Sulaiman a.s Movie In Urdu [Kingdom of Solomon]

Kingdom of Solomon

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Prophet sulaiman a.s movie.

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  1. very nice sharing dear. looking for this movie from months, at least find on your site. thanks

  2. loveydovey says:

    Iss this a full movie??Only 1 part or this has others parts too?

  3. Punjtni14 says:

    Welcome in the website Mr. Loveydovey
    This is the the Full Islamic Movie Only in One Part.
    Thanks for visiting us.

  4. loveydovey says:

    thank you punjtni14, I wanted to ask Whether you guys have Payam e Moosa movie too?

  5. yasarsh says:

    Salaam, Pls can anyone say on which surah the kingdom of sulaiman is picturised?The verses are recited in the movie but I cannot figure it out. Mashallah it was the best.

  6. hamadarif says:

    how long is the movie??

  7. sayadshabir says:

    Assalaam ,realy it is a best film to see and became fresh our “IMMAAN” … Mashaallah .

  8. fmbugti says:

    Assalaam o allaikum ,realy this web site wounderful and peace full.thanks

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