Sayings About Imam Hussain (asws)

November 5, 2010 in KARBALA

This is one of the greatest sermons of Ameerul Momineen (asws). What makes this sermon so special is that Moula Ali (asws) delivered it on the Day of Ghadeer. Unfortunately, the enemies of Wilayat have tried to remove this sermon from the history. When they found they were unable to do so, they attempted to change the words of this sermon, but you must know that batil (falsehood) will never overcome haq (truth). The original Arabic text was found in a very old transcript . Alhamdulillah it is a great blessing of Masoomeen (asws) that we were chosen to translate this sermon and share it with you. In this sermon, Moula Ali (asws) says that it is wajib (obligatory) upon all to convey this message to others and that no excuse for not doing so will be accepted. May Moula (asws) increase the iman (faith) and marifat (recognition) of all of us. Ameen.

Sayings About Imam Hussain (asws)

1. The angel Gabriel narrated to Prophet Muhammad (asws) that:Reference:  Kamill al-Ziyarat. pg. 545 “Karbala, where your grandson and his family will be martyred, is the one of the most blessed and the most sacred land on Earth and it is one of the valleys of Paradise.”

2. The fourth Shia Imam Zain-ul-abideen (asws) narrated: “God chose the land of Karbala as a safe and blessed sanctuary twenty-four thousand years before He created the land of the Kabah and chose it as a sanctuary. Verily it will shine among the gardens of Paradise like a shining star shines among the stars for the people of Earth.” Reference: Kamill al-Ziyarat pg. 534.

3. In this regard, Imam Jafar Sadiq (asws) narrates: ‘Allah, the Almighty, has made the dust of my ancestor’s grave – Imam Husain (asws) as a cure for every sickness and safety from every fear.’ Reference: Amali vol. 1 pg. 326

4. It is narrated from Imam Jafar-e- Sadiq (asws): ‘The earth of the pure and holy grave of Imam Husain (asws) is a pure and blessed musk. For those who consume it from among our Shias, it is a cure for every ailment, and if our enemy uses it then he will melt the way fat melts, when you intend to consume that pure earth recite the following supplication…’ Reference: Mustadrakul Wasail, vol. 10, pg 339-40 tradition 2; or pg.189; Behar-ul- Anwar vol. 101, tradition 60

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