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5 Steps to Repair an Infected Computer

February 26, 2016 in I T

Repair an Infected Computer In 5 Steps

5 Steps to Repair an Infected Computer!

In this article we are going to define a broad 4 step approach to healing an infected computer. This short guide is aimed at those who are relatively new or uncomfortable dealing with computers.

1) The first step is to look for common computer virus symptoms; for example: random freezing or crashing, inability to access files or documents, sudden unauthorized pop up advertisements, or general strange computer behavior. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms your machine is in need of computer repair and it might be a result of a computer virus.

2) The second step we suggest is to perform a little DIY (do it yourself). Before going down to your local computer repair shop, see if you can fix the problem yourself. To do this we advise that you begin by downloading a free antivirus program. No matter where you are located, whether it be Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto, all you have to do is head onto the Internet and visit your favorite Internet search engine (Google is the big guy these days). Once you are at the search engine page simply type in the words “free antivirus program” which should result in a long list of web pages which talk about this topic at length. Some web pages reference actual products while others are forum results. Take a quick read through the forum results to see if you can find some sort of consensus on what is popular. Although popularity doesn�t necessarily imply that the antivirus program is perfect at repairing an infected computer, it tends to be a strong indicator that the software package has been a benefit to a reasonable number of people.

3) Once you have downloaded an antivirus program install it and perform a scan. It may take quite some time for the scan to finish so go have a cup of coffee. Once the scan is done the program should list all of the potential threats it has found as well as what should be done about them. Typically there is a button somewhere that states you would like to remove or delete all of the malicious code which was found. Following this task restart your computer and see if the same problems (discussed briefly in step 1) still occur. If you no longer have any problems then your computer has been repaired and you are done. If, however, your machine is still showing problematic signs then move onto step 4.

4) Uninstall the free antivirus program that you have just run during the third step and download a different one (using the same procedure outlined in the second step). Afterwards, install this second program and perform a scan once again. Delete any detected viruses or malware and restart your computer. If your computer appears to be in working order then you have performed the computer repair yourself successfully. If you are still experiencing problems then move onto step 5.

5) It�s time to call in the local computer specialist in your area to take a look at your workstation. One of the easiest ways to find a local technician in your area is to go to your favorite search engine and type in “computer repair” then the name of the city in which you live (for example, Abu Dhabi). Sift through the results and phone or email a couple of the repair people. They will take a look at your computer and will be able to determine what your problems are. They may be virus related or not.