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The Qur’aan Is The Final Revelation Of The Will Of Allah To All Of Mankind,
Which Was Spoken By Allah The Exalted Himself And Conveyed Through The Arch-Angel Gabriel In Arabic To The Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam, In Sound , Word And Meaning .
The Qur’aan ( Sometimes Incorrectly spelled Koren ),
Was Then Relayed To The Prophet’s Companions,
And They Diligently Memorized It Verbatim And Meticulously Complied It Into Written Form.
The Holy Qur’aan Has Been Continually Recited By The Companion Of The Prophet And Their Successors Until The Present Day .
In Short , The Qur’aan Is The Revealed Book Of Divine Scripture From Allah To All Humanity For Their Guidance And Salvation.

Today The Qur’aan Is Still Memorized And Taught By Millions Of People.
The Language Of The Qur’aan Arabic, Is Still Living Language To Million Of People.
Unlike The Scriptures Of Some Other Religions ,
The Qur’aan Is Still Read In Its Original Language By Countless Millions Of People.

The Qur’aan Is A Living Miracle In The Arabic Language ,

And It Is Known To be Inimitable In Its Style, Form And a Spiritual Impact ,
As Well As The Unique Knowledge Which It Contains.
The Qur’aan Was Revealed In A Series Of Revelations To the Prophets Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam Over A Period Of 23 Years.
In Contrast To many Other Religious Books , The Qur’aan Was Always Believed To Be The Exact Word Of Allah …