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Respect those Person

Respect those Person

Respect those Person
who find TIME for U
In their busy schedule…
But, Love those persone
their schedule when
U need them.

Life is 5 stars

Life is 5 stars
Life is 5 stars
Mother is top Star
Father is king star
teacher Is Ultimate Star
Lover is action star
But a Friend is theLife is 5 stars

Memories play a Confusing Role

Memories play a Confusing Role..

Memories play a
Confusing role…
They make us laugh
When wo remember
Da time
We Cried together!
Make us cry
When we remember
Da time
We laughed together.

On Your Birthday

On Your Birthday

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy
I hope all of your wishes come true
May each hour and minute be filled with delight
And your birthday be perfect for you!

*~*~*Happy Birthday *~*~*

Happy Birthday

Please accept these birthday

Please accept these birthday flowers
Filled with love, from random showers
Thought of u, when I picked them out
Grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout.